How A Paraphrase Tool Helps Students To Write Assignments With AI?


How A Paraphrase Tool Helps Students To Write Assignments With AI?

How A Paraphrase Tool Helps Students To Write Assignments With AI

Students regardless of their education level will always need help with assignments. Even the mighty Ivy League students need help with their assignments from time to time. The assignments can range from essays to all the way to dissertations.

It’s a good thing that paraphrasers are here to help you in write your AI Written assignments at every step of the way. With the introduction of AI to the mix, paraphrasers are way more effective than they were before.

There are testimonials available of paraphrase tools before and after implementing AI in them. Let’s dive deep into how a paraphrase tool helps students to write their assignments with the help of AI:

How A Paraphrasing Tool Aids Students In AI Written Assignments

First, let’s discuss the fact that assignment writing now can be a fully automated process if you want.

You just need to look in the right places. The AI tools like ChatGPT uses their advanced algorithms to produce human-like written assignments but there is a hurdle.

These assignments cannot be claimed as your own yet as they need some reworking to improve the AI-provided text. You can work on improving assignments yourself or take the better route of working with paraphrasing tool like

Let’s discuss some using benefits of  

New Ideas with

In our research, most paraphrasing tools generally offer a few modes that paraphrase differently enough to matter. A paraphrasing tool that stands out would be the one that offers suggestions using AI even after the results are provided like

Most paraphrasers stop at the results but not this one. Paraphraser offers rephrasing options that you’re free to choose if you’re not satisfied with the original results. What Paraphraser do for assignment writing is mind-blowing.

You’re never out of ideas when writing your assignments. Sometimes, the ideas suggested by the paraphrasing tool by Paraphraser end up being much better than what you were initially planning to put in the assignment.

Writing Style Shakeup with Paraphraser

You’d be appalled to learn just how monotonous AI’s writing style can be until you use Paraphraser. has the ability among other things, to show you the shortcomings of AI-written assignments. It can show the areas in its writing that need improvement.

Paraphrase tools can improve the writing style of AI texts drastically. At first, you’ll be stunned and maybe even a bit insecure about the tool’s proficiency but need not worry. We can harness it for something good like writing quality assignments for one.

Notice the change in diction and writing style and how it affects the assignment question overall.

AI tools writing style will remain the same. What won’t remain the same are the different writing techniques provided by the Paraphraser.

Improved Readability and Clearness with Paraphraser

Your assignment is worth 0 marks or an F grade if your teacher can’t make out what’s written and or the concepts are confusing.

Language teachers have a great grasp of vocabulary but other teachers generally are satisfactory in this regard.

Don’t automatically assume your teachers would know complex words like “acquiesce” or “alacrity”. Make your assignments readable enough that anyone qualified to grade them would understand everything in the first reading.

Explaining concepts is also something students struggle with. Not everyone is equipped with the right tools and by tools we mean, command in the language. AI has a nasty habit of producing complex words in its results which serve to confuse students even further.

Take a look in the image above at the way the original assignment explains Beattie’s model vs. the paraphrased one. You tell us which one explains the concept better.

Free Up Time with

Who doesn’t want free time on their hands? This is another practical benefit of using AI tools to write assignments and then paraphrasing them.

Paraphraser save students time so that they can focus on other tasks such as preparing presentations with ample time on hand.

Remember that there are other features built-in some great paraphrasing tools that facilitate your AI written Assignments and speed up the process. Use the all-in modes of the best paraphrasing tools to work smarter, not harder.

Plagiarism-Free Assignments

Plagiarism is representing someone else’s work as your own without their permission or giving them due credit. At an academic level, plagiarism carries different punishments based on the type of plagiarism that occurred.

Severe cases of this can lead to suspension or worse (expulsion). Now that the groundwork is laid for why plagiarism is dangerous, let’s discuss how to avoid it using a trusty paraphrase tool like Paraphraser.

AI-written assignments have a moderate chance of getting detected for plagiarism. Paraphrasing is needed to make that chance minimal. It’s not that paraphrasers outright remove all plagiarism, just that they rephrases your original text but that paraphrased text has low chances of showing plagiarism.


This sample AI text was produced by Chat GPT. We put it on trial by testing the efficiency of in eliminating plagiarism from it. Surprisingly, it eliminated all plagiarism from it and presented it as unique text. Is there anything this paraphrasing tool can’t pull off? Let us know in the comment box.


AI is here to stay whether you want to admit it or not. People are already getting on with these changes by implementing AI in their daily tasks to either save time, boost their productivity, or both.

But as we’ve seen so far, AI alone is not enough to produce good grade quality assignments. Paraphrasing tool like Paraphraser are needed to complement the assignment writing process with AI.

It’s all about which paraphrasing tool is best for improving the assignments written with AI. An Ideal paraphrase tool would be free to access and easy to use providing human-level paraphrasing based on cutting-edge algorithms.

They can convince teachers that these assignments are written by competent students instead of AI tools. There are not a whole lot of tools that can provide these services in the same place but the one Paraphraser that does, is already mentioned above.

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