What Does It Take To Get A Sports Scholarship In India


What Does It Take To Get A Sports Scholarship In India?

Sporting talent is a precious gift, and in India, it can open doors to significant opportunities, including scholarships.

From humble beginnings, young sports stars can go from looking for the perfect cricket tournament poster template and organising rural competitions to the heights of Test Cricket, the Indian Premier League or even the Olympics. But what does it take to secure a sports scholarship in India? We’ll be answering just that question today by outlining everything that tertiary institutes consider when selecting ideal candidates for sports scholarships in India.

An Overview of Sports Scholarships in India

Sports scholarships are financial aid programs designed to support students who have demonstrated exceptional athletic abilities. They are offered by various institutions, such as universities, colleges, and even some private organisations. The aim is to encourage talented athletes to pursue their sporting dreams while also obtaining a quality education.

The Five Best Sporting Scholarships in India

1. Sports Authority of India (SAI) and Netaji Subhas National Institute Of Sports (NSNIS), Patiala

With an annual reward of Rs.6600 per annum and backing from the prestigious Sports Authority of India, this is one of the highest level scholarships you can attain across a raft of different sports.

2. Reliance Foundation Youth Sports, Navi Mumbai

Another scholarship that offers significant financial rewards for promising young athletes, providing up to INR 2,00,000.

3. SRM University, Kattankulathur

SRM University offers one of the best sports scholarships due to its substantial tuition fee waiver – up to 50%.

4. Delhi University, New Delhi

Delhi University stands out due to its flexible Sports Quota system. It allows colleges to decide the number of seats to be filled under this quota based on the number of seats available. This flexibility can increase a student-athlete’s chances of securing a spot.

5. PACE Scholarships by GoSports Foundation, Bengaluru

The PACE Sports Scholarships distinguish themselves by going beyond monetary support. Apart from funding, they also focus on identifying and promoting lesser-known talents, encouraging them to participate in international-level events. Their objective is not just to provide financial aid but to empower India’s next generation of sportsmen and women.

The Prerequisites for Sports Scholarships

Outstanding Athletic Skills

The primary criterion for any sports scholarship is, of course, exceptional athletic ability. This doesn’t mean you need to be a national champion, but you do need to stand out at the district or state level in your chosen sport.

Academic Achievement

While athletic prowess is essential, it’s not the only factor considered. Most institutions also look at academic performance. Maintaining good grades shows discipline, commitment, time management skills, and the ability to balance different responsibilities – traits that are highly valued in athletes.

Age and Physical Fitness

Most sports scholarships are aimed at students between the ages of 17 and 25. Physical fitness is also a crucial factor, as it directly impacts athletic performance. Regular health checks and fitness assessments are typically a part of the selection process.

The Application Process

First impressions are so incredibly important when it comes to securing a sporting scholarship, especially when you will be in competition with potentially millions of other-like-minded applicants. If your presentation isn’t perfect, you are going to be left behind.


The first step is research. You don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket and only apply for a single scholarship. Look for everything from major national and university programs down to local community scholarships that might help with the provision of sporting equipment – every little bit helps.


Next, you will need to prepare your portfolio and it is essential to be meticulous here. Writing about yourself and your accolades can be challenging, but you cannot afford to omit a single sporting achievement or academic award. You need to include everything here, every player of the match award, every minor trophy, every team award. And get letters of recommendation from your coaches, teachers and community leaders, The higher the profile, the better.


When it comes time to send off your applications, ensure you are sending them well ahead of the deadline to ensure it arrives in time. Late entries are likely going to be a waste of your time.


Then comes the waiting game. Be ready to be called up for interviews or trials. Practice your interview skills in the mirror and with your peers. And don’t skip a second of training. Be ready to go at the drop of a hat.

Tips for Success

The key thing to remember is for every early morning start or late afternoon finish, for all the extras you have put in to excel at your sport, there are still plenty of other rivals out there putting in the same effort.


That means you can never afford to keep your eyes off the prize. Start your sporting endeavours at a young age and ensure you are always putting in the extras. The more hours you put in while you are young, the more you will benefit as an adult.


Some young athletes can become too focused on their sport and neglect their academics. You cannot afford to do that, as you will be graded just as much on your academic studies as your sporting prowess. Most universities and other scholarship providers want you to be an all-rounder and excel in both areas. Getting those good grades can boost your eligibility for scholarships.


Network beyond your club and your school. Speak to as many athletes, coaches and trainers as you can and get their guidance to build your knowledge. Developing a strong rapport with these people in your network can open up many doors in the future.


Securing a sports scholarship in India requires talent, dedication, and hard work. However, the rewards are worth it. Not only does it offer financial support, but it also provides a platform to showcase your skills, opens up opportunities for further growth, and helps you build a successful career in sports. So, keep striving, stay focused, and let your sporting dreams take flight.

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