English Quiz

English Quiz

Banking Examination is getting popular these days. Most of the banking examinations consist of 3-4 sections: English, Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning, Current affairs. Out of all the sections of bank exam, English section is the most scoring and less-time consuming area.

The questions of English are asked from various topics. Comprehension, error-spotting, fillers, jumbled sentence are the mains topics that are to be covered to ace English section of bank exams. Candidates can also refer to the English Study Notes to attempt english quiz.

English Quiz ExamsCart provides you with everything you want to prepare for various banking examination like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, SO, RRBs, etc. We have quizzes and tricks for English section in a comprehensive way that can help you in gaining success in the examination. Practice Parajumbles, Vocabulary, Grammar, Sentence Correction, Error Spotting quiz online for SBI/IBPS/RBI bank exams. Attempt the test to solve English quiz based on various topics.

English Quiz Section For Bank Exam

English is one of the most important section in banking exam. Be it prelims or mains it constitute a major portion of the examination. In prelim there are 30 questions for 30 marks while in mains there are 35 questions for 40 marks.

Now, you can understand by yourself that there is no way that you can get away without studying this section. Reading comprehensions is all what you need to do to ace this section as majority of questions in prelims that is 10-15 questions are from this topic while in mains we have seen in SBI PO 2019 that the whole English language section was having questions from RCs only. Next important topic which cover up the other half syllabus of this topic is Grammar. Read each and every topic of grammar. Go through the formulas and practice as much as you can.

English Syllabus

Topics Marks
Reading Comprehension 10
Cloze Test 0-5
Fill in the blanks 0-5
Multiple meaning/error solving 0-5
Paragraph/Sentence Correction 5-10
Para Jumbles 5
Jumbled Sentences 5
Word Association/Vocabulary 5
Active/Passive Voice 1-5


English Grammar: Make sure to brush up your basics and jot down and remember all the rules of the topics which come in this section and revise them before attempting the mock. Candidates are advised to go through a sufficient number of questions and examples to understand how the grammatical rules are applied and to learn the application. Reading English books and newspapers helps you to understand the application of grammatical rules of the English language. Practice as much as you can as this is the only key to excel in this topic.

Comprehension Test: Reading comprehension is one topic which requires good reading speed and understanding of the passage. Limited time given in the exam makes it even difficult for students to understand the complex passage. You can only ace this section by reading English newspapers that will be extremely beneficial to you. Reading fictional novels can be helpful and interesting too. Try to read the passage by setting a timer.

Vocabulary: Reading English Newspaper will serve many purpose as it will help you to learn new words. Make sure to jot down the new words you come across. Practice them by using them in different sentences this will help you to learn the meaning and usage of these words. You can use flashcards for this purpose and make sure that you revise them daily.

Verbal Ability: You can easily ace this section by reading English books and newspapers. This is one of the best way that will help you to see how the different sentences in a paragraph are connected and the flow of the content.

Descriptive Test: This section will only be in the main examination but it consists of a lot of marks in mains examination. Reading newspapers will help you here as well because when you will read about the latest social, political, economic, and cultural issues, you will develop a better understanding of this topic. Make sure that you are aware about the different formats of letter writing.

English Quiz
Set- 1 Set- 2 Set- 3 Set- 4 Set- 5 Set- 6 Set- 7 Set- 8
Set- 9 Set- 10 Set- 11 Set- 12 Set- 13 Set- 14 Set- 15 Set- 16
Set- 17 Set- 18 Set- 19 Set- 20 Set- 21 Set- 22 Set- 23 Set- 24
Set- 25 Set- 26 Set- 27 Set- 28 Set- 29 Set- 30 Set- 31 Set- 32
Set- 33 Set- 34 Set- 35 Set- 36 Set- 37 Set- 38 Set- 39 Set- 40
Set- 41 Set- 42 Set- 43 Set- 44 Set- 45 Set- 46 Set- 47 Set- 48
Set- 49 Set- 50 Set- 51 Set- 52 Set- 53 Set- 54 Set- 55 Set- 56
Set- 57 Set- 58 Set- 59 Set- 60 Set- 61 Set- 62 Set- 63 Set- 64
Set- 65 Set- 66 Set- 67 Set- 68 Set- 69 Set- 70 Set- 71 Set- 72
Set- 73 Set- 74 Set- 75 Set- 76 Set- 77 Set- 78 Set- 79 Set- 80
Set- 81 Set- 82 Set- 83 Set- 84 Set- 85 Set- 86 Set- 87 Set- 88
Set- 89 Set- 90 Set- 91 Set- 92 Set- 93 Set- 94 Set- 95 Set- 96
Set- 97 Set- 98 Set- 99 Set- 100 Set- 101 Set- 102 Set- 103 Set- 104
Set- 105 Set- 106 Set- 107 Set- 108 Set- 109 Set- 110 Set- 111 Set- 112
Set- 113 Set- 114 Set- 115 Set- 116 Set- 117 Set- 118 Set- 119 Set- 120
Set- 121 Set- 122 Set- 123 Set- 124 Set- 125 Set- 126 Set- 127 Set- 128
Set- 129 Set- 130 Set- 131 Set- 132 Set- 133 Set- 134 Set- 135 Set- 136
Set- 137 Set- 138 Set- 139 Set- 140 Set- 141 Set- 142 Set- 143 Set- 144


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