Current Affairs Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz

Current Affairs in the form of contemporary events of national & international play a crucial role in almost every competitive exam like Banking, Insurance, SSC, Railway etc. Current Affairs is the most dynamic yet scoring among all sections and needs to be prepared from the right source.

Current Affairs are asked from various dimensions like National News, International News, State News, Sports, Awards, Summits, Schemes, Books & Authors, Ranks & Reports, Important Days, Economy, Defence, Science & Technology etc.

Current Affairs is one such section that can help you to score great marks overall. We have come across to many such cases where students fail to clear the Mains in IBPS PO/RRB PO/ Clerk/RRB Clerk because they are unable to meet the sectional cut-off for GK. So, this is one such section that you just cannot afford to miss at any cost.

Current Affairs Topics
Banking & Finance Business & Economy International
Indian Affairs Science & Technology Environment
Bills & Acts Defence Persons
Places Awards and Honours Sports
Arts & Culture Obituary Summits & Conference
Schemes Appointments / Resign Important Days
Committee Books & Authors Agreements MoU
Budget / Taxes Index / List Visits by PM / President



Current Affairs Quiz October 2020
October 2020 Link
31-Oct-20 Quiz
30-Oct-20 Quiz
29-Oct-20 Quiz
28-Oct-20 Quiz
27-Oct-20 Quiz
26-Oct-20 Quiz
25-Oct-20 Quiz
24-Oct-20 Quiz
23-Oct-20 Quiz
22-Oct-20 Quiz
21-Oct-20 Quiz
20-Oct-20 Quiz
19-Oct-20 Quiz
18-Oct-20 Quiz
17-Oct-20 Quiz
16-Oct-20 Quiz
15-Oct-20 Quiz
14-Oct-20 Quiz
13-Oct-20 Quiz
12-Oct-20 Quiz
11-Oct-20 Quiz
10-Oct-20 Quiz
9-Oct-20 Quiz
8-Oct-20 Quiz
7-Oct-20 Quiz
6-Oct-20 Quiz
5-Oct-20 Quiz
4-Oct-20 Quiz
3-Oct-20 Quiz
2-Oct-20 Quiz
1-Oct-20 Quiz



Current Affairs Quiz September 2020
September 2020 Link
30-Sep-20 Quiz
29-Sep-20 Quiz
28-Sep-20 Quiz
27-Sep-20 Quiz
26-Sep-20 Quiz
25-Sep-20 Quiz
24-Sep-20 Quiz
23-Sep-20 Quiz
22-Sep-20 Quiz
21-Sep-20 Quiz
20-Sep-20 Quiz
19-Sep-20 Quiz
18-Sep-20 Quiz
17-Sep-20 Quiz
16-Sep-20 Quiz
15-Sep-20 Quiz
14-Sep-20 Quiz
13-Sep-20 Quiz
12-Sep-20 Quiz
11-Sep-20 Quiz
10-Sep-20 Quiz
9-Sep-20 Quiz
8-Sep-20 Quiz
7-Sep-20 Quiz
6-Sep-20 Quiz
5-Sep-20 Quiz
4-Sep-20 Quiz
3-Sep-20 Quiz
2-Sep-20 Quiz
1-Sep-20 Quiz


Current Affairs Quiz August 2020
August 2020 Link
31-Aug-20 Quiz
30-Aug-20 Quiz
29-Aug-20 Quiz
28-Aug-20 Quiz
27-Aug-20 Quiz
26-Aug-20 Quiz
25-Aug-20 Quiz
24-Aug-20 Quiz
23-Aug-20 Quiz
22-Aug-20 Quiz
21-Aug-20 Quiz
20-Aug-20 Quiz
19-Aug-20 Quiz
18-Aug-20 Quiz
17-Aug-20 Quiz
16-Aug-20 Quiz
15-Aug-20 Quiz
14-Aug-20 Quiz
13-Aug-20 Quiz
12-Aug-20 Quiz
11-Aug-20 Quiz
10-Aug-20 Quiz
9-Aug-20 Quiz
8-Aug-20 Quiz
7-Aug-20 Quiz
6-Aug-20 Quiz
5-Aug-20 Quiz
4-Aug-20 Quiz
3-Aug-20 Quiz
2-Aug-20 Quiz
1-Aug-20 Quiz


Current Affairs Quiz July 2020
July 2020 Link
31-Jul-20 Quiz
30-Jul-20 Quiz
29-Jul-20 Quiz
28-Jul-20 Quiz
27-Jul-20 Quiz
26-Jul-20 Quiz
25-Jul-20 Quiz
24-Jul-20 Quiz
23-Jul-20 Quiz
22-Jul-20 Quiz
21-Jul-20 Quiz
20-Jul-20 Quiz
19-Jul-20 Quiz
18-Jul-20 Quiz
17-Jul-20 Quiz
16-Jul-20 Quiz
15-Jul-20 Quiz
14-Jul-20 Quiz
13-Jul-20 Quiz
12-Jul-20 Quiz
11-Jul-20 Quiz
10-Jul-20 Quiz
9-Jul-20 Quiz
8-Jul-20 Quiz
7-Jul-20 Quiz
6-Jul-20 Quiz
5-Jul-20 Quiz
4-Jul-20 Quiz
3-Jul-20 Quiz
2-Jul-20 Quiz
1-Jul-20 Quiz


Current Affairs Quiz June 2020
June 2020 Link
30-Jun-20 Quiz
29-Jun-20 Quiz
28-Jun-20 Quiz
27-Jun-20 Quiz
26-Jun-20 Quiz
25-Jun-20 Quiz
24-Jun-20 Quiz
23-Jun-20 Quiz
22-Jun-20 Quiz
21-Jun-20 Quiz
20-Jun-20 Quiz
19-Jun-20 Quiz
18-Jun-20 Quiz
17-Jun-20 Quiz
16-Jun-20 Quiz
15-Jun-20 Quiz
14-Jun-20 Quiz
13-Jun-20 Quiz
12-Jun-20 Quiz
11-Jun-20 Quiz
10-Jun-20 Quiz
9-Jun-20 Quiz
8-Jun-20 Quiz
7-Jun-20 Quiz
6-Jun-20 Quiz
5-Jun-20 Quiz
4-Jun-20 Quiz
3-Jun-20 Quiz
2-Jun-20 Quiz
1-Jun-20 Quiz


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