The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary – September 13, 2020 (Download Free PDF)

Mixed messaging On India as an investment destination


The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary September 13, 2020

The Hindu newspaper is treated like a holy book by the aspirants of different competitive exams like SSC, Banking, UPSC and other exams. Toppers and experts suggest aspirants to read The Hindu Editorial section and note down the Important vocabulary to enhance It.

In this article we are going to provide you  The Hindu Vocabulary with list of difficult worlds from The Hindu Editorials.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary

Mixed messaging On India as an investment destination

India’s efforts to attract capital will not result in a flood of FDI till investors see policy stability
Prime Minister Modi last week elaborately pitched India as an investment destination that could serve as a manufacturing hub at the heart of global supply chains. The pitch made at the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership Forum comes in the backdrop of the government’s keenness to use the disruptions the COVID-19 pandemic has caused to the cross-border movement of goods as an opportunity to lure potential investors, especially those looking to relocate from China, to India. This tack is consistent with recent initiatives to explore supply-chain synergies with other economies, including Japan, as an escalating border feud casts a shadow over India’s economic and trade ties with its northern neighbour. The reasoning appears to be that if even a few multinational enterprises can be drawn to set up manufacturing bases, either by shifting facilities or as new additional plants, then not only does the Indian economy stand to gain FDI, new jobs and tax revenue but it also makes a statement. Clearly, officials must have advised Mr. Modi that U.S. businesses were the ideal target given the worsening relationship between Washington and Beijing and the ongoing trade stand-off between the world’s two largest economies. On the face of it, the approach seems inarguably sound. The rub, however, lies in the government’s recent ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative, of making India more self-reliant.

For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list for The Hindu Editorial (A golden moment).

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Sr. No. Word Meaning
1 capital (noun) finances, funds.
2 result in (verb) cause, bring about, produce.
3 elaborately (adverb) painstakingly, carefully.
4 pitch (verb) position, place, locate.
5 hub (noun) centre, centre of activity, focal point.
6 backdrop (noun) situation, scenario, context.
7 keenness (noun) eagerness, willingness, readiness, desire/wish.
8 disruption (noun) disturbance, disorganization, turmoil, interruption.
9 lure (verb) tempt, persuade, attract, coax, win over.
10 potential (adjective) possible, likely, prospective, probable.
11 tack (noun) approach, way/method, process.
12 explore (verb) examine, evaluate, look into, consider (options).
13 synergy (noun) collaboration, joint action, team work.
14 escalating (adjective) increasing, intensifying, heightening rapidly.
15 feud (noun) argument, dispute, disagreement, fight.
16 ties (noun) bond, association, relationship.
17 draw (verb) attract, capture, lure.
18 ideal (adjective) perfect, best possible, consummate.
19 inarguably (adverb) unquestionably, indisputably, doubtlessly, certainly.
20 the rub (noun) problem, difficulty, obstacle.
21 spur (verb) induce, prompt, stimulate, encourage, galvanize.
22 indigenous (adjective) native, local, domestic.
23 abjure (verb) renounce, give up, relinquish, reject/forgo.
24 evidently (adverb) obviously, palpably, seemingly, apparently.
25 betray (verb) reveal, disclose, lay bare, make known, uncover.
26 interpret (verb) understand, regard, take, construe.
27 perspective (noun) outlook, viewpoint, approach.
28 predominantly (adverb) mainly, mostly, commonly.
29 merely (adverb) only, simply, just.
30 deed (noun) action, activity.


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