Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for RRB NTPC, SSC CHSL, SSC CGL: Set 40


Quantitative Aptitude Quiz

SSC, Railways & many other government job exams are scheduled to be held in the upcoming months. Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for Railway NTPC and SSC covers an important part of the exam and hence it must be prepared thoroughly. It needs complete understanding of the basic concepts along with thorough understanding. This page will provide you all the quizzes of the Arithmetic section of various exams such as RRB NTPC, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS etc. Practice the quantitative aptitude quizzes given below and surpass the high cut off marks in the exam.

ExamsCart is providing free quizzes to help all the aspirants with the SSC & Railway Quantitative Aptitude section by providing links to attempt quizzes. You can attempt quizzes as per the exam interface before the actual exam by attempting the quizzes on the web browser. It’s time to pull up your socks and burn the midnight oil by practicing the SSC Quantitative Aptitude quiz daily.

Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for Railway NTPC and SSC

Quantitative Aptitude Quiz: Set 40


1. If there is a profit of 20% on the cost price of an article, the percentage of profit calculated on its selling price will be:

(a) 24
(b) 50/3
(c) 25/3
(d) 20

2. If the cost price of 15 books is equal to the selling price of 20 books, the loss percent is:

(a) 16
(b) 20
(c) 24
(d) 25

3. If an article is sold at 200% profit, then the ratio of its cost price to its selling price will be:

(a) 1 : 2
(b) 2 : 1
(c) 1 : 3
(d) 3 : 1

4. If on a marked price, the difference of selling prices with a discount of 30% and two successive discounts of 20% and 10% is Rs. 72, then the marked price (in rupees) is:

(a) 3,600
(b) 3,000
(c) 2,500
(d) 2,400

5. If an electricity bill is paid before due date, one gets a reduction of 4% on the amount of the bill. By paying the bill before due date a person got a reduction of Rs. 13. The amount of his electricity bill was:

(a) Rs. 125
(b) Rs. 225
(c) Rs. 325
(d) Rs. 425

6. Successive discounts of 10%, 20% and 30% is equivalent to a single discount of:

(a) 60%
(b) 49.6%
(c) 40.5%
(d) 36%

7. The price of an article was first increased by 10% and then again by 20%. If the last increased price be IRS. 33, the original price was:

(a) Rs. 30
(b) RS. 27.50
(c) Rs. 26.50
(d) Rs. 25

8. If each side of a square is increased by 10%. its area will be increased by:

(a) 10%
(b) 21%
(c) 44%
(d) 100%

9. The ratio of milk and water in mixtures of four containers are 5 : 3, 2 : 1, 3 : 2 and 7 : 4 respectively. In which container is the quantity of milk, relative to water, minimum?

(a) First
(b) Second
(c) Third
(d) Fourth

10. Two numbers are in the ratio 1 : 3. If their sum is 240, then their difference is:

(a) 120
(b) 108
(c) 100
(d) 96



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