List of Mountain Peaks in India: Static General Knowledge

Highest peak in India: India is home to some of the highest mountain peaks in the world. In this article below, we are providing the details of the highest peaks.


List of Mountain Peaks in India

General Awareness is considered to be the high scoring section in any competitive exam. It includes two main portions, current affairs GK and static GK. In this article, we will discuss some really important Static GK topics that are covered in almost all competitive exams. Also, you can download the PDF of  List of Mountain Peaks in India

Static Gk connectes general knowledge about the static facts, the facts that are never going to change in the future. Facts in Static GK covers people, places, things, important days, currencies, dances etc. Like history, static GK also never changes with time.


List of Mountain Peaks in India

Rank (Indian) Mountain Range State
1 K2 Himalayas Union Territory of Ladakh
2 Kangchenjunga Himalayas Sikkim
2 Nanda Devi Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
3 Kamet Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
4 Saltoro Kangri / K10 Saltoro Karakoram Ladakh
5 Saser Kangri I / K22 Saser Karakoram Ladakh
6 Mamostong Kangri / K35 Rimo Karakoram Ladakh
7 Saser Kangri II E Saser Karakoram Ladakh
8 Saser Kangri III Saser Karakoram Ladakh
9 Teram Kangri I Siachen Karakoram Ladakh
10 Jongsong Peak Kangchenjunga Himalaya Sikkim
12 K12 Saltoro Karakoram Ladakh
13 Kabru N Kangchenjunga Himalaya Sikkim
14 Ghent Kangri Saltoro Karakoram Ladakh
15 Rimo I Rimo Karakoram Ladakh
16 Teram Kangri III Siachen Karakoram Ladakh
17 Kirat Chuli Kangchenjunga Himalaya Sikkim
18 Mana Peak Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
19 Apsarasas Kangri Siachen Karakoram Ladakh
20 Mukut Parbat Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
21 Rimo III Rimo Karakoram Ladakh
22 Singhi Kangri Siachen Karakoram Ladakh
23 Hardeol Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
24 Chaukhamba I / Badrinath Peak Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
25 Nun-Kun Zanskar Himalaya Ladakh
26 Pauhunri Sikkim Himalaya Sikkim
27 Pathibhara / The Pyramid Kangchenjunga Himalaya Sikkim
28 Trisul I Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
29 Satopanth Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
30 Tirsuli Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
31 Chong Kumdang Ri Rimo Karakoram Ladakh
32 Dunagiri Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
33 Kangto Assam Himalaya Arunachal Pradesh
34 Nyegyi Kansang Assam Himalaya Arunachal Pradesh
35 Padmanabh Rimo Karakoram Ladakh
36 Shudu Tsempa Sikkim Himalaya Sikkim
37 Chamshen Kangri / Tughmo Zarpo Saser Karakoram Ladakh
38 Aq Tash Rimo Karakoram Ladakh
39 Chong Kumdang Ri II Rimo Karakoram Ladakh
40 Rishi Pahar Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
41 Thalay Sagar Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
42 Mount Lakshmi Rimo Karakoram Ladakh
43 Kedarnath Main Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
44 Langpo Sikkim Himalaya Sikkim
45 Saraswati Parvat I / Saraswati Peak Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
46 Shahi Kangri Central Tibetan Plateau Ladakh
47 Sri Kailash Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
48 Kalanka Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
49 Chorten Nyima Ri Sikkim Himalaya Sikkim
50 Saf Minal / P. 6911 Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
51 Panchchuli II Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand


List of Mountain Peaks in India

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