General Knowledge and General Studies Quiz for RRB NTPC & SSC CGL: Set 193


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As we all know that General Knowledge and General Studies is very crucial area in competitive exams and most of the students feel great difficulties to score in it. A good base in General Knowledge is very important for clearing any competitive exams. Tackling these exams you should develop a good understanding of the things happening around them.

Many of the Competitive Tests such as the IBPS, RRB, GMAT, GRE, CAT, MAT, SAT, Bank Examinations, IT Company Recruitment Rounds, UPSC, PSC, SSC, SSSC, University Entrance Tests, CDA, NDA and other Tests by the different government as well as the private organizations are including questions on General Knowledge.

This is a very rare place, where all the people will get both the General Knowledge Questions and Answers without searching much. So, apparently, you can try to attempt the General Knowledge Questions. There are a lot of collection of General Questions. And if you do not know the correct answer, you can find out it from the same page itself. This will surely reduce your search time. Hope you are all satisfied with this General Knowledge Questions and Answers.

ExamsCart General Knowledge Online Tests include a wide range of General Knowledge and General Awareness Questions and Answers in General Knowledge Quiz form. These Online General Knowledge Tests cover all those topics which can be useful for any Competitive Exams.

General Knowledge

General Knowledge and General Studies Quiz: Set 193

General Science – Biology

  1. Which one is the largest cells in white blood corpuscles ?
    (A) Lymphocytes
    (B) Basophils
    (C) Monocytes
    (D) Neutrophils
  2. The process of transfer of genetic information from DNA to RNA is
    (A) Translocation
    (B) Transversion
    (C) Translation
    (D) Transcription
  3. Sickle-cell anemia is due to
    (A) Viruses
    (B) Genes
    (C) Hormones
    (D) Bacteria
  4. The matrix of blood is known as
    (A) Plasma
    (B) Blood protein
    (C) RBC and WBC
    (D) WBC and Platelets
  5. Both extra and intracellular digestion take place in
    (A) Dugesia
    (B) Star Fish
    (C) Poly stoma
    (D) Turbellaria
  6. Which one of the following is a reserve food of fungi ?
    (A) Glycogen
    (B) Fat
    (C) Starch
    (D) Both A and B
  7. Gymnosperms are
    (A) open seeded plants
    (B) non-flowering plants
    (C) closed seeded plants
    (D) aquatic plants
  8. Cellular respiration occurs in
    (A) centromere
    (B) nucleus
    (C) mitochondria
    (D) Golgi complex
  9. The nitrogen fixing bacteria present in the root nodules of leguminous plant is
    (A) salmonella
    (B) clostridium
    (C) rhizobium
    (D) pseudomonas
  10. Algae and fungi are collectively known as
    (A) Thallophytes
    (B) Pteridophytes
    (C) Bryophytes
    (D) Spermatophytes


1. (C) Monoscytes 2. (D) Transcription
3. (B) Genes 4. (A) Plasma
5. (A) Dugesia 6. (A) Glycogen
7. (A) open seeded plants 8. (C) mitochondria
9. (C) rhizobium 10. (A) Thallophytes



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