General Knowledge and General Studies Quiz for RRB NTPC & SSC CGL: Set 192


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General Knowledge

General Knowledge and General Studies Quiz: Set 192

Topic: Indian Polity

  1. Which article empowers the President to impose Financial Emergency?
    A) Article 356
    B) Article 360
    C) Article 364
    D) Article 352
  2. The President of India has the discretionary power to
    A) impose the president rule
    B) appoint the prime minister
    C) appoint the chief election commissioner
    D) declare financial emergency
  3. The Attorney General of India has the right of audience in
    A) Supreme Court
    B) Any Session Court
    C) Any Court law within India
    D) Any High Court
  4. Which article of the Indian Constitution directs the state government to organize village Panchayat
    A) Article 51 A
    B) Article 40
    C) Article 37
    D) Article 31
  5. CAG of India appointed by:
    A) Prime Minister
    B) Lok Sabha
    C) President
    D) Finance Minister
  6. Where do we find the ideas of Indian Democracy
    A) Part II
    B) Part I
    C) The Preamble
    D) Part IV
  7. Where the Presiding officer is not the member of that house?
    A) Lok Sabha
    B) Rajya Sabha
    C) Vidhan Sabha
    D) Vidhan Parishad
  8. Chairman of PAC (Public Accounts Committee) of parliament appointed by
    A) Chairman of Rajya Sabha
    B) President
    C) Prime Minister Of India
    D) Speaker of Lok Sabha
  9. Residuary powers” under the Indian Constitution means
    A) the powers relating to International Affairs.
    B) the powers, which have not been specifically enumerated in the Union List.
    C) the powers relating to Internal Emergency.
    D) the powers, which can be exercised both by the Union Government and the States
  10. How many total members can be nominated by president in both houses of parliament
    A) 14
    B) 10
    C) 12
    D) 16



1. B) Article 360 2. B) appoint the prime minister
3. C) Any Court law within India 4. B) Article 40
5. C) President 6. C) The Preamble
7. A) Lok Sabha 8. D) Speaker of Lok Sabha
9. D) the powers, which can be exercised both by the Union Government and the States 10. A) 14



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