Banking Awareness Quiz: Set 340


Banking Awareness Quiz

Dear Readers, Welcome to the 2021 Daily Banking Awareness Quiz Question & Answers Section of ExamsCart. Banking Awareness Quiz will Boost Your Banking Awareness Section.

The Banking Awareness Section of Banking Exams covers various segments in it like Banking Awareness, Static GK, In any case, the most imperative thing that you may have seen is that both the Banking Awareness and Static Awareness questions asked in the Banking Awareness Section depend on Current Banking Affairs as it were.

Here is a test on Banking Awareness to give you a chance to survey your Banking Awareness Knowledge. This post contains important Banking Awareness Quiz. A brief explanation of every Quiz is provided to further enhance your general knowledge. 

Banking Awareness Quiz

Banking Awareness Quiz: Set 340

  1. CAFRAL is an independent think-tank set up by the _______.
    A) SEBI
    B) RBI
    C) PFRDA
    D) IRDA
  2. The World Bank Group comprises _______ institutions managed by their member countries.
    A) 2
    B) 3
    C) 4
    D) 5
  3. What is the maximum number of times you can remit money to foreign country under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS)?
    A) 5
    B) 6
    C) 10
    D) No such limit
  4. Where is the headquarters of National Federation of Urban Cooperative Banks and Credit Societies Ltd. (NAFCUB) located?
    A) Mumbai
    B) Delhi
    C) Chennai
    D) Kolkata
  5. The World Bank aims to promote shared prosperity by increasing the incomes of the poorest ______ of people in every country.
    A) 20%
    B) 30%
    C) 40%
    D) 50%
  6. The multinational investment bank and financial services company, Goldman Sachs Group has its headquarter at_____________
    A) London
    B) New York
    C) Paris
    D) Bern
  7. The Fiscal Performance Index (FPI) has been launched by __________
    A) Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
    B) RBI
    C) FICCI
    D) Confederation of Indian Industry
  8. RBI has announced a Committee under ___________ to Review the ATM Interchange Fee Structure
    A) V. G. Kannan
    B) Atul Gautam
    C) B Raj Kumar
    D) K Ramachandran
  9. Which of these is not in Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs) list?
    A) SBI
    B) ICICI
    C) Kotak Mahindra Bank
    D) HDFC
  10. The RBI categorizes the D-SIBs based upon ____________ buckets
    A) 4
    B) 5
    C) 6
    D) 3
1. B) RBI 2. D) 5
3. D) No such limit 4. B) Delhi
5. C) 40% 6. B) New York
7. D) Confederation of Indian Industry  8. A) V. G. Kannan
9. C) Kotak Mahindra Bank 10. B) 5


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